Dodge County Canine
Professional Dog Trainer Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement Training

As of May 19, 2017, I am not accepting any new clients. 

For training and behaior problems, please contact Lorri Lunak of Best Buddy Canine Training .    I have worked with Lorri for the past 3 years and she is very knowledgeable and does an amazing job. 

I cannot thank everyone enough for your business and I wish everyone and their dogs all the best!

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Training and learning occurs throughout a dog's life...and a human's too.  

Why Use Dodge County Canine?  

  • I am passionate about working with dogs and their owners.
  • I have extensive knowledge about canine behavior and learning theory.  I share my knowledge with owners and handlers.
  • I use positive, force-free meothods of training to enhance the animal-human bond, not dstroy it.
  • My goal is to have a dog to what is asked because it wants to , not because it is afraid of what might happen if it doesn't.
  • I offer one-on-one training and small group classes to provide the best possible learning atmosphere.

My Qualifications
I have worked with many people who worked with other trainers whose techniques adversely affected threir dogs.   I am not the only trainer around, but I am the best qualified.   I use many techniques and work with you to determine which is best for your dog.
  1. Experience
    I have 15 years of experience of working with dogs and many years of working with foster dogs in my home. I consult with shelters, rescues as well as private dog owners.
  2. Reputable
    I pride myself on professionalism, knowledge, and education. One method does not fix everything. I work with clients to determine what method would work best for a particular dog.
  3. Continuing Education - for myself
    i continue to educate myself by attending workshops and seminars, reading, and talking with other trainers to learn about new studies, theories, and training methods to better serve my clients.
"There are folks who can teach but not perform and then there are some who can perform but not teach with dogs.  You can do both and that's an accomplishment. "

Gunnar and Lynn R.
I have worked with Kim both as a student and a colleague.  Kim is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.   It is obvious she loves what she does and enjoys helping others.  Kim's main priority is teaching her students how to understand and work with their dogs humanely and without force.  I have gone through a couple of Kim's training classes with my dogs and she was patient, clear in her instruction and made the classes fun.  I have learned a lot from Kim and I highly recommend her training classes.
 - Lorri L.
I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for all of your help. I know it's your job and that we paid you but it doesn't take away from how monumentally you've helped us. Me, in particular, as I am always the one trying to juggle a three ring circus with two hands. 

But now, Parsley listens because I know how to talk to her. She is so good now and I'm so very happy with her, which is the opposite of what I was before. This morning we took a nice 2 mile walk together and she was perfectly behaved. She sat at every corner. She never pulled even when she wanted to meet people walking by. She sat and walked nice and she is so easy when she's free in the house now. It's just so nice to like my dog. So thank you for that. We had by trying so hard and doing all this reading and we just weren't getting it. Any of us, until you. Please know how much you've helped. 

Michelle - Beaver Dam, WI 
We had taken previous classes elsewhere with our oldest dog but really did not find training effective until we enrolled her in Dodge County Canine classes. Our dog was feral for her first five months, and now she is a Canine Good Citizen, thanks to Kim's positive training style. Our newest dog, who had issues with aggression and not trusting anyone, has hugely benefited from a behavior consult and class with Kim. At first we were not sure we could handle his behaviors, but because of Dodge County Canine he is now a happy and loving member of our household.
-Bonnie & Heidi. Columbus