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Behavior Consulting
If your dog is overly reactive or shy, demonstrates potentially dangerous behavior, you may need specialized help to modify that behavior.  Kim has worked with numerous fearful and shy dogs who act aggressively with fantastic results.  She will work with you to come up with a specific plan on how to overcome the problems your dog is having.
What is a behavior consult?

Behavior consulting is for dogs that require special assistance to modify an undesirable behavior or problem, such as biting, nipping, overreacting to loud noises, anxiety, problems with other pets/dogs, etc.  

Prior to the consult, background information is obtained through emails and telephone conversations.   Usually, 1-2 hours of prep time is involved, which is included in the fee.

The consult is normally scheduled at your convenience at your home.   We discuss the problems, your goals, and develop a plan specifically for you and your dog which is based on environment, management, training, and client's ability to implement behavior modification techniques. 

What happens afterwards? 

After the consult, I stay in contact via email or telephone fconversations.  I want to know of any problems or questions as soon as possible to help you achieve your goals. 

Private lessons and/or group classes are recommended to achieve the best, long term results.  It will take time, commitment, work and patience to change how your dog reacts and responds. 
  • Initial Consultation: $175.00.  Allow for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
  • Follow-up private lessons:  $60.00 each. 
  • Travel fee might apply.
  • Dscount available for dogs in rescue.  Rescue organization must meet certain requirements and standards. 
To request a behavior consultation, contact me via email, call 920.210.0764 or complete my background form.    Please email a photo of your dog(s) to info@dodgecountycanine.com.